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The insurance plans that worked for me no longer exist. Obamacare has killed them.

Suitable plans no longer are offered, so you are forced to pay several hundred dollars per month for nothing. HMOs don't cover my medicine or my doctors. I thought we were supposed to be able to chose our doctors. Lies and scams.

The previously uninsured now have insurance; but, I do not. i'll just cancel and pay the communist penalty. free country indeed. *** you, Obama.

Your socialist vision is a good sentiment, but a horribly bad solution. All you did was create a legalized protection racket and put money in the insurance companies' pockets. I guess I'll just do without my medicine, critical to my survival, since i cannot get a prescription. I can't afford a doctor, because I spend several hundred on madatory insurance that covers NOTHING I need.

So long world. *** Obama. Either socialize healthcare or ***-off. Obamacare is written for the profit of insurance companies, not the well-being of the people.

Shame. Shame.


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We are doomed.

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