My son is 38 yrs. old he has peripheral artery disease,he needs a stress test.

Blue cross and Blue shield denied his request telling him he was to young to need a stress test. Who are they to say wh is to young for this test. What does age have to do with this. If a doctor orderes it than what's the problem?

Have'nt they heard of the teenage kids who have died on the basketball court or other game fields.They are ploaying god with peoples lives. Maybe if it was a loved one of theirs they might think twice before they said no to this and other important test.

I hope anyone else out there fights for what they need no matter how long it takes or how hard you have to fight . It's your life fight for it.

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Why are you involved in your son's health issue? I would think at 38 years old, his mommy wouldn't be involved anymore. Just sayin...


Some things you can call and dispute with your insurance and see if they will cover it.

ANother option is to see how much it costs out of pocket, if you go to a physician where he does this in his office and doesn't refer to another doctor, it will be cheaper.

Just like any other type of medical procedure or equipment, you must qualify to get approved.

Make sure you tell them that his existing disease makes me more likely to suffer from heart issues.

hope this helps..

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