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I am a cancer patient of Dr. William Lydiatt.

I happened to of been at his office with my every year Thyroid Ultra Sound. I was over in the building where the Wig department happens to be. My mother

mentioned I should make an appointment to see about a wig and maybe a cap. I was there the next following Monday.

What I found out was that the wigs made really very upset. I have BlueCross and Blue Shield Insurance for not just Health reasons but Dental as well. I am Infuriated that you don't cover Insurance wise Wigs for women who not only have Cancer but are going through Chemo Treatments and Radiation. You can stand up on your own two feet as a Big Insurance Company and kick the *** out of ChI and tell them to leave but your a child when it comes to insuring wigs for women who already are spending their life savings and more on Cancer treatments and loosing their hair and their lives at the time.

You can't as a big Insurance Company the biggest in town and Insure women of their wigs? Who the *** Do You Think You Are???????.

Not only that you won't insure Breast Reduction as well. You have NO WELLNESS PROGRAM either.

You make me sick. I hope one of your family members come down with Cancer and takes Chemo and Radiation and looses her hair and maybe her life like my Sister In Law did after 5 years of Ovarian Cancer and had it spread to other organs of her body and she kept taking Chemo till it got so bad it killed her. You better get your heads out of you no where and get a clue and do the right thing about Insuring Women who need wigs. The Wigs at the Cancer Center Shop are over $ 200.00 wigs along with them spending their life savings on Chemo and you want to charge them on wigs to and head caps also.

I'd say something nasty but I won't. You better think about adding on Wellness Package and Insuring Womens Wigs from here on out. I will report you hire up in Blue Cross and Blue Shield and I know where your office is now and I will come over there and make a Royal Complaint and then maybe you will do something about it.

I won't quit till I am satisfied.

Review about: Blue Cross And Blue Shield Association Health Insurance.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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