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I have had at LEAST 6 computer generated (Robocalls) calls from BCBS. On each occasion I remained on the line until the robot stopped talking and pressed "1" to speak to a representative. When they answer I politely request that they remove this number from their call list, but on EACH AND EVERY occasion, they hang up before I can complete my request. I am retired and a care giver for my wife. We were considering switching to BCBS for our Medicare Supplemental Insurance, but that's not going to happen, now. I don't even know which of the BCBS companies this is coming from, as they're too rude to stay on the line.

This person wrote the review because of "telemarketing calls" at Blue Cross And Blue Shield Association. Reviewer claimed that he or she wants Blue Cross And Blue Shield Association to "remove my number from your call list, please".

The most disappointing in user's experience was rude telemarketing calls. The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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Good luck. Hopefully a class action lawsuit comes about. These people need to stop this harassment.


I am getting Robo calls every 45 minutes from 718-777-1520 with a pre-recorded message about BCBS baloney----- Blue Cross should "get on this" because they are making so many people MAD no one would ever get their services in the future --- he call says it is both Blue Cross and Blue Shield - SCAM!!!!!! Lucky we can "block " calls and this number is now blocked


Lucky you I get 10 to 20 a day on my cell phone and another 10 on my home phone. I consider this a nuisance and am looking some way to resolve this issue.

Lawsuit is sounding good. My husband and I are older people answering all these calls is actually eve dangerous for us.


I think we really need to do something about this


Same here, almost every day for the last couple of weeks

Trishtha Cougar

I get calls from BCBS all day long for the last two to three months. It’s really frustrating.

Even thou I push two to be remove from calling list they keep calling from a different number. Now I just stop answering calls I don’t know. They using numbers with the same area code.

I really think a law suit should be out in place. This is harassment.

to Trishtha Cougar #1527536

I am getting same exact situation!!! All day long!!

I reported BCBS to FTC because of this! They even leave voicemail without my phone even ringing!!

When are these calls going to stop? Every time I block a number, a new number calls with same robo call!


I to have been receiving 10+ calls a day from the same automated service. The numbers change each time and are spoofed numbers.

They always start asking me to enroll in Blue cross and blue shield insurance. They call 3-4 times in a row. I send them straight to voice mail. An hour or two later thy call 3-4 more times.

This repets 7 days a week.I’ve tried pressing #2 to be removed I’ve tried pressing #1 to speak to a representative to be removed and an hour later they start again. In the past 7 days I have received over 50 calls from them. I’m so fedup with this crap. Do they think if they keep calling I’ll tire out and buy the insurance?

I wish I knew where these calls were coming from.I’m almost positive singing up for Obama care they sold my number. I’ve read that articles that this did in fact happen. Two days after I signed up the insurance calls started. For two years now everyday I get these calls about some kind of insurance.

Thanks Mr. Obama I hope you made some good money from selling Americans phone numbers off to scumy telemarketers!


Hi everyone who gets these calls lets start a class action law suite. You know that there are many laws that BCBS is breaking in each state with these calls.

For example, in Colorado every robocall number must be registered with the state. In Michigan, they need to call you and give you the insurance id number and so on. Not only are they doing this they are spending over 25 million a year to lobby our government to lighten restriction and allow them to screw over more people. BCBS bonuses out CEO in the 10s of millions.

The average Class action suit gets each person $500 per call. With all the calls I have to receive in the past 4 years that would total about $6 million for me alone. With all the other people that have the issue, this will be a multi-billion dollar lawsuit. Plus a huge loss on the stock after the payout.

I think somewhere around $25 Billion will be the loss if we do this right. Lots of TV. A loss like that might just get them to stop harassing us.I'm talking to the law firm they use now.

I will post contact info for a law firm & class action suite soon. Please check these comments regularly.

Trishtha Cougar
to Quince #1506886

I’m not sure if you started the action but I would love to be a part of it. I’m so tried of them calling my cell phone all day long

to Trishtha Cougar #1527541

I'm with you too Trishtha!! I am at my wit's end with with this!!

to Quince #1527540

I will join class action lawsuit! I can't take this harrassment anymore!!!

to Quince #1562310

I would be interested for sure. is my contact.

to DrabCrocodile635 #1562311



Robot calls from BC/BS, as many as 6 a day. Today three.

I block the calls and the call keep coming. How do I get my telephone number removed from the list?


I'm having the same problem. Everyday several times a day for the last year or more.

I've done everything I know to do about it aside from changing my number or disconnecting may voicemail.

There should be something someone can do about this. It is utterly ridiculous.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #1222082

More than likely it's the idiots from the Obama(un)care system ( They represent themselves as part of one of the insurance companies, but in actuality they work for the government and are probably commissioned to be "representatives".

I only know because I was *** enough to sign up thru them, and it was a hugh mistake. If they are calling you on a cell phone, you can block the number, but like the other person says, they will call from a different number.

This is how you know it's truly not the health insurance company calling you directly, as they usually appear to be calling from the same set of phone numbers (i.e. 555-1112, 555-1113, etc.).

to Anonymous #1577807

Don't blame Obama for this. I have USAA insurance and have never used any other agency. Obviously BCBS and/or the scammer is to blame.

Atlanta, Georgia, United States #1221915

I get robocalls from BC/BS every week, even though I'm on the "Do Not Call" list, and have advised them numerous times to remove my number. The robocalls come from a different number every time. My blocked number list is now longer than my contacts list.

to Anonymous #1265834

The BCBS robo-calls have been harassing me for over 1.5 YEARS. I thought they stopped a few weeks ago for the holidays but they started again....


Do NOT wait to press the "2" to be removed from the list. I think that is why I'm getting daily harassment. They now know there is a human on the other end.

PLEASE STOP!!! I wish I could sue someone for the aggravation.

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