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We cannot get any care from Blue Cross, we are continually denied coverage for everything we need, including antibiotics. We pay $2,000 a month, every time we need a medication or care, we are denied. Deny, delay and make them fight is their policy. Our health care system is beyond broken, it is deplorable, senseless, inefficient, criminal, WRONG! We literally have to fight for care, our doctors are not allowed to treat their patient. Our family member had a treatment (after fighting 6 months to receive it!) he is improving and now he is DENIED follow up treatment.!!! FOLLOW UP CARE! He cannot get the follow up care the doctors ordered!!! Denied, denied denied. A perfect example of blatant abuse by BC insurance company. The insurance industry and the healthcare industry both need to be regulated.

The DMHC is as irresponsible and abusive as BC. They are allowed to make their own rules, determinations as the patient suffers from not being able to receive treatment ordered by his doctors-! Please advise, we cannot get care-!!!!

Review about: Blue Cross And Blue Shield Association Health Insurance.

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Your claims are not being denied for no reason.

Call them up & find out what the reasons are. Maybe you are trying to go to an out of network provider or some other such BS, but there HAS to be someplace you can go & there HAS to be some way you can get the treatment your doctor is prescribing.

If the CSR can't help you ASK FOR A MANAGER!!!!!!!!!

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