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Emily (my 33 yr old wife) has decided that it be best she stay home with our two new children to care for them until they are of age to attend pre-school. So her healthcare is being canceled at the end of July.

Rather than the entire family joining my company paid plan, we decide to pay out of pocket for a high deductible HSA plan to cover the three of them. Well...Emily was denied healthcare coverage because of she contracted a staph infection (a 3 day prescription treatment), has a mild case of post partum depression (estimated 30 day treatment) and takes acne medicine occasionally. Not only that but, my 22 month old daughter was denied because she has allergies which stemmed from contracting whopping cough at an early stage in her life.

And to add to the scenario, now my 9 week old son cannot be covered because my wife nor I are on the plan...

They are willing to sell me a high rate Pre-Existing Conditions plan though...Yeah I've got two words for them!

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Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Florida is the worst. They deny coverage for anything.

I was with them before. I tried to go back. He a short really stressful period. Some suggested go to talk to a psychologist and it was covered.

Big mistake. The psych was worthless, stressful event subsided but you get tarred for it. Just like if you ever had workman's comp claim. I twisted my ankle at work years ago.

I went to the hospital, paid $150 for a Tylenol, paid for it myself. Health insurance said file a workman comp claim. Thank God I did not. NEver see a psych and never file workman's comp.

If so then good luck getting insurance. BCBS s*cks.


Apparently you're totally ***. Why would you not add them on the group plan?

They would be able to carry over credible coverage and are guaranteed acceptance and wouldn't have to worry about benefit exclusion riders or pre-existing waiting periods. Plus, the premiums would be lower and the coverage better on the group plan.


You make thnigs so clear. Thanks for taking the time!

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