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BCBS has denied previous treament given to me that was proven successful this year. They have become dr's themselves now and make their own determination of what is best you and your health with disregard to dr's recommendations.

How can an insurance co. tell a dr. that he will provide discounts to members on services the insurance company will not cover for their members? If the insurance co was providing reimbursement, I can see where they can demand such service discount.

What really doesn't make sense, that their referral now is to a pain specialist for more evaluations, tests, to determine another treatment that they will now cover. 4-5 years of successful treatment and they deny and want me to go another direction; drugs??? further costs when the proven successful treatment yearly cost for them is around $3400.

They prefer to spend more money on explorations and other remedies when we have one that works.I can't change companies either so they got me stuck. IS THIS FAIR AND JUST???

Review about: Blue Cross And Blue Shield Association Health Insurance.

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