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i resntly sprained my knee after spending saturday resting and icing it with no relief i decided to seek medical attention.i have an emergency room actualy several within five minutes of me.I also now have an urgent care with sunday hours.having had experience wiyh emergency rooms for matters like this i decided to try the urgent care.i booked an online appointment went to the center.and had the receptionast explain that they were still waiting to get on the blue network..I paid 135 dollars was scene diagnosed splinqted given a script for anti inflam med and left.

I called my blue to find out if i was due a reimbursment for this.I have a five hundred dollar deductable that was not met.i asked if any urgent care center were on the network.there were none.a visit to the emergency room without an admission costs me 100 dollars out of pocket.The same faster treatment cost me 135 dollars out of pocket and cost bcbs nothing.

these centers have been around for at least a couple of years.the insurance companies should be eagerly seeking them out for their time i am in need of minor emergency care i will choose the emergency room.not because the care is superior because its not.but because i save 35 dollars while my insurance will spend a few hundred.

this kind of foolish waste of money is often attributed to the government,but once the government gets it they stop the practice at once and everywhere.the private insuranced will all continue to make identical mistakes and will only figure these types of money wasting practices for much when private insurers doubt the lower admin costs for medicare you also know they dont adopt other cost saving measures

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